Race Series

We put on a series of races and other events across the year for club members and for competition against other clubs in the Portland, OR area.

summer series

A collection of races of different distances and terrains. You can compete in as many or as few as you like, so everyone can find a selection of events for their own running preferences and goals.

Tour de goose

A lighthearted group of summer runs and events that are part of our weekly run calendar. Come recreate the Tour de France spirit with your fellow club members.

stumptown cross

A series of cross country races in parks around the Portland, OR area. Come race against other running club teams from around the Portland, OR area.

Summer Series

The series will be similar to past years. There will be a top ten list for men and women, with the top 5 being based on how members place in the events they run. The next 5 are based on participation – so the more events you race, the higher your rank. Members who do more events stand a better shot at placing better through either method, since one never knows who is going to show up on any given day. Particularly since there are 8 events in the series, and we only take your best 4 scores for place to calculate the results based on rank. So whether you run fast, or run often, the Summer Series is a great way to enjoy some fun intra-club competition.

This year’s series will feature 4 in-person events and 4 virtual events that are based in Strava. For those not comfortable doing an in-person event this year, we will only be scoring the best 4 of the 8 events, so it is still possible to maximize the number of events we use for the rank-based scoring through the virtual events.

  1. Carson to Stevenson Ridge Run 10-miler (May 14)
  2. Lake Oswego Lake Run 10k (June 5)
  3. White Salmon Backyard Half Marathon (June 18)
  4. Rose City Mile (June 25)
  5. Foot Traffic Flat Half (July 4)
  6. Strava Segment (TBD)

A few additional notes on the Strava-based events:
1. You need to have your events logged in Strava, and make sure you have joined the Team Red Lizard club in Strava. That is how results will be tabulated
2. The Strava events are all a week-long window. For the 1-mile, 5k and 10k events, you can run the course as often as you want during that week, then your fastest time will be used in the results.
3. For the hill climbing challenge week, all elevation gained during the week will be used to calculated your score. No treadmill runs allowed. 4. If you need more background on Strava, check out the Strava for beginners article

More details will be released about each event as we get closer, but mark those dates on your calendar and we will hope to see some of you at the races this summer (even if some of them will only be virtual).

tour de goose

Tour de Goose has been a Lizard July tradition for over 10 years. It’s modeled after the Tour de France bicycle race in that there are stages, strategy and polka-dot jerseys. The Tour is unique among Lizard events in that you do NOT have to be a fast runner to win. Stealth, guile and smarts count just as much – if not more – than running speed at the Tour de Goose.

You don’t have to do every Stage; you can do as many or as few as you would like. Here’s the lineup:

Stage 1 The Guillotine Mile -Tuesday July 9 @ 6PM Duniway Track
Within your age & gender group, you bid the fastest mile time you think you can run. If you do it, great! If you don’t make it, off with your head! For example, let’s say there are 2 runners in your age/gender group. You bid a 6:15 mile, and your competitor bids 6:30. If you both make or beat your bid times, you win. But, if you don’t make 6:15 and your competitor makes their 6:30, then you lose your head!

After Stage festivities at Lair Hill Pub.

Stage 2 Trivial Pursuit Pursuit – Thursday July 11 @ 6PM at regular Goose start (corner of SW 19th Ave and SW Madison St.)

I’ll just say that running and answering trivia questions are involved here. After Stage festivities at Goose Hollow Inn.

Stage 3 Downhill Mile and Stage 4 Let Them Eat Cake Uphill Sprint – Thursday July 18 @ 6PM at regular Goose start (corner of SW 19th Ave and SW Madison St.)

Downhill Mile – Each runner will be assigned a mile time they can easily do. The winner is the one who gets closest to their assigned time. No watches allowed! Men and Women compete together.

Let Them Eat Cake Uphill Sprint – Run as fast as you can up a short, steep, lung busting, quad burning hill…while carrying a piece of cake. Don’t drop it!

After Stage festivities at Goose Hollow Inn.

Stage 5 Team Puzzle Challenge – Thursday July 25 @ 6PM at regular Goose start (corner of SW 19th Ave and SW Madison St.)

Runners will be divided into teams of 4 such that total team speed is about the same. Each runner in the team gets ¼ of the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Then, everyone runs the regular Goose route to Fairview Blvd. The first team to put their puzzle together wins.

After Stage festivities at Goose Hollow Inn. First drink will be on the club!

Stumptown Cross

The Stumptown Cross Series lineup for 2021 is set. After going virtual in 2020 we are back to in-person races this year and excited to see everyone out on the course. Our races this year are:

Race #1: October 5-11: Mary S Young 5k (2 clockwise laps of course map)
Race #2: October 19-25: Pier Park 3k (1 CCW lap of course map)
Race #3: November 2-8: Powell Butte 4 mile (2 clockwise laps of course map)
Race #4: November 16-22: Fernhill Park 5.5k (3 CCW laps of course map)
Race #5: Nov 30-Dec 6: Pier Park 6k (2 CCW laps of course map)