COVID-19 Update from TRL President

By Tom Fuchs, TRL President

Fellow Team Red Lizard members, I’m sure you’ve all probably been expecting something like this for the last few days. The Club is suspending all official Team Red Lizard group activities until further notice. I wanted to send this message as an email to avoid any confusion that might arise from social media. There have been so many links flying back and forth that it is difficult to know exactly what to think.

A few days ago when we started to consider what action to take, I had hoped that we would be able to continue normal daily activities. Those are most of our operation after all. As a non-profit who’s members have already paid dues it seemed like we should keep serving our members the best we can. With all that said, there is really no choice but to put daily runs on hold for the well being of our greater community.

I cannot offer any advice on how to proceed as individuals. Here is a link to a Runner’s World article on group runs that has some good information. I will reiterate my previous statements with this: please be responsible and very careful. Most of us are healthy people and not at high risk, but it is for those of higher risk that we need to be considerate of.

The board will continue to connect via email and our monthly board meeting will be a video call in an effort to keep things moving as we look forward to returning to normal running activities. While nothing can be promised because everything is changing day-to-day, we encourage you to stay connected and motivated with your fellow isolated runners on our Facebook pages and “virus willing”, look at race calendars and prepare to support the racing community, that like so many small businesses that has been greatly impacted by cancellations.

Stay safe,
Tom Fuchs

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